There is not much ABOUT yet. The Big Yarn goes Crestone September 3, 2012. The Big Yarn is owned by Denyse Specktor.

The Big Yarn aka Denyse Specktor

Knitting artisan Denyse Specktor learned to knit from her mother at the age of five. Her wearable art sold to Beverly Hills boutiques, qualifying her as a second-generation professional knitter. Triumphantly she astounded all with media commissions, her designs were seen in films, commercials, music videos & on television, along with gallery exhibits. Denyse became a published author with her compendium of knitting information The Knitting Primer. Denyse’s creative talents have been employed by Knits   Vogue Knitting   Knitters   Cast On & an array of yarn companies.

My Knitting Bag, Denyse’s first column interviewing noteworthy knitters appeared regularly in Knits Magazine followed by a column on collectables called Vintage Advantage. Melanie Falick requested Denyse as a contributor to her books Weekend Knitting & Knit: A Personal Handbook. Denyse contributed several essays to For The Love of Knitting. She is recognized throughout California & by The National Needlework Association for her mastery of diverse knitting techniques.

Denyse recently wrote for the British knitting publication, LET’S KNIT as the American knitting trends correspondent, her column – YARN OVER . . . THERE. Her designs appeared regularly in Let’s Knit & she had 2 covers in 2009. Her company The Big Yarn crafts innovative & elegant sterling silver knitting tools & she holds a patent for the NeedleSizer. In 2012 Denyse published KNITTING CIRCLES. The most exciting NEWS – Denyse has recently moved to a sacred mountain in Colorado. Her latest endeavor a small specialty yarn store there.




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