We will NOT be opening today. there has been miscommunication between the big yarn & building managment please follow our further adventures here.

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A Yarns Showing

I was talking with Rene at the Sangre De Cristo Inn this morning. She asked if I would advertise in the publication for the film festival – the details are unknown to me. Our conversation reminded me about a pet project of mine – A Yarns Showing. At least once a month if not every week I would like for all the knitters to gather at The BIg Yarn for a movie NOT about knitting but with a sub plot or some knitting in it. I am thinking a Saturday afternoon. 25 cents & all the popcorn you can eat, BYOB (Bring Your Own Beverage). As soon as I work out the film rentals with Lonny we will be on our merry way.

experience here


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On September 3 2012 we open. Please check here for updates.


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